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What Does it Take to Be a Farmers Market Manager?

Now that a highly anticipated Farmers Market is coming to Wayne in June of 2019, the next important step was to send applications for vendors and farmers to sign up to participate.  Now that the applications are being filled out, it is important to find a Farmers Market Manager.  Sounds easy, right?  But what type of person is qualified to manage a Farmers Market?  Of course he/she should be interested in locally grown produce, but so much more goes into running a successful farmers market.

According to the Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit published in September 2016, “the Market Manager is a vital role for any farmers market. He/she sets the tone and represents the market both internally to vendors and externally to shoppers and other market stakeholders.”

So, what are the qualities and responsibilities for this unique position?  A Farmers Market Manager must have a well-rounded set of skills and abilities, including:

Farmers Markets and Farmers Market Managers have been around for years in the U.S.  An article on the USDA’s website explains that historically, farmers markets have been a critical ingredient to our nation’s food system, and date back to 1730 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States. “Meet me at the Market” has for decades been a phrase commonly heard by Lancaster citizens.   Farmers markets have increased in number and popularity over the years and continue to evolve into a favorite place to gather and socialize in many communities. While much has changed over the years, one thing remains true – farmers markets are a vital source of fresh, locally produced foods with strong ties to our nation’s history.

The Market Manager position for the Wayne Y’s Farmers Market will be posted in early January. However, interested and qualified applicants can contact Cathy Scutti, at the Wayne YMCA, to express interest and for more information.

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