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What Is Healthy?

Enrique Arreola, the author of this blog post, works at Building Bridges Family Success Center, one of our community partners. He has facilitated one of Project Eden’s focus group. We hope you enjoy his post…

For many, eating healthy is confusing. They have no knowledge about what is “healthy” and what is not. To them, eating veggies and fruit is healthy, but what about protein? What about understanding the food groups and how they benefit your body? These are the real questions focus group participants had.

Culture and lifestyles can influence many healthy habits as well as deter people from them. As a Project Eden focus group facilitator, I realized healthy living has many variables. How one lives determines the way they eat and exercise. Lack of knowledge about healthy eating and physical activity becomes an enormous issue because they do not know how or where to start.

Many participants are originally from other countries where they had to adjust to the faster pace of life in the United States. A faster way of life means less time at local supermarkets and farms, and more processed food. They have managed to adjust with local farms and supermarkets that offer a fresher variety of food than fast food places. But the price of “healthier” foods can change how they shop.

Physical activity happened to be one thing they did more of. One participant spoke about how they walked from their apartment to our center, which is more than a mile and a half away. Others mentioned how their days are full of physical activity – given that their jobs and home life is physical and not at a desk. Since walking is not an issue for them, maybe more workshops in the area could really be beneficial to them in their start of a healthier lifestyle.

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