Grantee Blog 2020

What’s Next?

The day that Healthier Perth Amboy has been working towards is right around the corner – on February 22nd Perth Amboy City Council will vote on the Housing Element and Fair Share Plan. The Healthier Perth Amboy Safe Housing Team is confident that the new administration will be in agreement with this Plan, as it aligns with goals and initiatives they have spoken about on their campaign trail. Healthier Perth Amboy has also worked to develop a relationship with the new administration, as the coalition has learned that relationships matter when developing policy and systems changes.

So…what’s next? The HPA Safe Housing Team met via Zoom to discuss the answer to this question. The team decided on educating the community by phases: first by formal communication led by the City, then by less formal communication led by nonprofit partners, and finally by community-led communication led by volunteers and tenant/homeowner groups. The team is currently creating a plan that outlines these phases as well as how success will be measured. The first phase includes a sit-down style Q&A with City staff in Spanish and English, to be posted on social media platforms as well as the City’s website. The first phase also includes “Traditional Outreach” such as newspaper articles, banners, and notices attached to electric/water bills.

Healthier Perth Amboy partners are excited to support the City in Housing education after the City Council approves the Housing Plan. We are confident that by taking the right steps, we will reach our ultimate goal of having residents taking the lead on educating their fellow community members about safe, healthy and affordable housing.

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