Grantee Blog 2020

Winter Garden

Merriam Avenue Elementary School has been on a fully remote learning schedule since mid November.  During this time we have continued to plan and create a vision for our Sensory Garden.  As spring approaches we are researching plants that stimulate the senses and looking for optimal locations for raised planters that promote easy access .  We have discussed sculpted touch pads, structures that create sound and a color scheme that is both stimulating and peaceful.

The winter season coupled with a remote learning schedule has resulted in a fairly inactive period for the garden, but has also provided a time of reflection, research and planning.
Early on in our initial planning meetings, the Garden Committee had envisioned a ‘Zen’ theme for the garden, we discussed a central water feature, arches to walk through and covering the brick walls with bamboo fencing to create a self contained, warm feeling to the garden.
With help from a community volunteer we have begun to attach the bamboo fencing and mirrors to the walls.  The fencing will provide a structure which can be used to hang flower trellis’ and other sensory objects.
We are looking forward to the warmer weather and the opportunity to be outside planting and painting!

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Merriam Avenue Elementary School

Merriam Avenue Elementary School is located in Northwest New Jersey. The mission of the Newton Public Schools is to educate the whole child. We believe parents, teachers, support staff and citizen's must partner in order to help children achieve their highest potential. Therefore we organize ourselves as Community Schools