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Winter is a time to plan

Winter is a time to reap the benefits of the fall harvest and to plan ahead for the comings of spring.  Container gardening and bike sharing are no different.  The container gardens left on the library patio were moved and covered to protect them from the elements.  The bikes stayed at the bike sharing station to be available for mild days.  Maintenance on the bikes will be performed to make sure they are in tip-top condition and ready for use every day.

Planning is underway to get the early spring sprouting vegetables ready for planting.  A schedule of plantings throughout the remainder of the growing season is underway as is developing programs to show by demonstration the benefits and ease of preparing the crops for consumption.  This will include raw, cooked, blended, and use as an ingredient offerings.

Getting the word out about bike sharing will get underway as spring approaches.  An official unveiling of the bike sharing station and plugs in the local media are planned.  Conducting a bike rodeo or similar event to highlight and demonstrate bicycle use and safety is also being considered.

All-in-all, 2019 looks very bright and very healthy!

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