Grantee Blog 2020

With much Gratitude…

As we kick off Random Acts of Kindness Week, we count our blessings and extend our gratitude to all those that have been incredibly helpful in assisting us with our health assessment for the Township of Nutley.

We are very fortunate to have secured consultant, Robert Schermer, LLC who has worked tirelessly to contact multiple organizations, townships, and individuals to obtain vital information to produce a cohesive and comprehensive survey.

We have been working closely with our Township IT department to create a clean, user friendly, digital survey to be distributed to the Township residents via our alert system.

Over the past few months, we have had conversations with the many residents due to contact tracing efforts provided by the Nutley Health Department.  This has allowed us to get a better idea of just how many residents are, and will be, in need of additional assistance and services now and in the future. This was something that we did not consider originally but has proved to be incredibly helpful on many different levels for our department.

Most, if not all, of our partners/collaborators have been thrown into overdrive during this pandemic to serve our community efficiently and appropriately.  They have all gone above and beyond to make sure school lunches were provided to students, to ensure food pantry distributions were carried out and available to all that were in need, and to check in on the sick and elderly living alone, among other things.  We have most definitely not lost sight of our project, but as we have said in the past, we have been seriously redirected many times over. The most recent redirection was the undertaking of a small but impactful COVD-19 Vaccination clinic for 300 residents.  It took a lot of time and effort from everyone in our small office, but it was a huge success and very favorably received by the community.

Although we may get knocked back each time we take one step forward, we are still determined to continue moving forward!

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Township of Nutley Health Department

The mission of the Nutley Health Department is to protect and enhance the health and the quality of life of Nutley residents through preventative activities, coordination of interagency efforts, and interventions designed to promote positive health behaviors. Health education and awareness is a vital component of the Health Department