Grantee Blog 2020

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Sensory Garden

Our Merriam Avenue School students have returned to school, and while education looks a lot different this year we are embracing the changes, finding new and creative ways to engage our children and offer support during this challenging time.

Our Sensory Garden has provided us with a space to practice yoga and mindfulness, a welcome break for students who are here during our full day program.  Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to our thoughts and feelings and learning to accept them.  Yoga and mindfulness sessions in the garden are utilized to help children manage the stress that they may be experiencing during this pandemic.  Recent studies suggest stressful events in early childhood can directly contribute to physical and mental health problems, yoga and mindfulness can help to reduce this stress.
We have purchased yoga mats and invite small groups of students to participate in yoga and mindfulness outside in the garden.  Yoga helps concentration, when participating in yoga activities children are required to concentrate as they focus on moving their bodies into different poses and follow directions.
We are encouraging our students to use their ‘Five Senses’ to anchor their attention to the here and now.  The Sensory Garden affords our students the opportunity to use all their senses during this exercise.  

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Merriam Avenue Elementary School

Merriam Avenue Elementary School is located in northwest New Jersey. We are a Title I School district. We currently have 350 students enrolled in our school.